Ice FM

Do you want a low cost method of building your brand? Making your business stand out from the competition? Increasing sales? Improving customer satisfaction? Motivating your employees? Would you like all of this starting today, without needing to invest in new equipment? Only ICEFM can offer all of this and more. Better still, there is no need to commit to more than a month at a time. We can even offer a free trial to let you see exactly what you would be getting, before you buy.
ICEFM is a music system for businesses. It gives you access to over 75,000 'Original Artist' tracks from day one. The music can easily be set to change throughout the day as your clients change.
You can use your own PC, your existing music system, and a broadband connection. No new or complicated equipment is required. Clients include: five-star hotels, premiership football clubs, local pubs, well-known retailers, restaurants, banks, golf clubs, ice rinks and many more.

Managed 4U

ICEFM can offer utter simplicity if required. At its most basic, no further input is required from you after sign-up. You can simply leave it to play: 'set and forget'. When you sign up, you will be asked to select your business type, e.g. 'Traditional Hotel', 'Contemporary Restaurant', 'City Centre Bar' etc. Our studio team use their knowledge of the different types of venue to compile 'default playlists'. The system will assign you the correct playlist for your business type. Your machine will automatically collect updates at least once a month. This means that your music will stay up-to-date without any input from you. The 'default playlists' are based on a standard customer profile for each business type. They may not be suitable if you have an unusual mix of customers or non-standard trading patterns. If this is the case, you have a couple of options. You could choose your own music, or alternatively, we could provide tailored playlists (see Customised4U). The latter will incur a profiling fee.


A music system should be able to work just as hard as any other aspect of the point-of-sale mix. As such, our systems have always been able to intersperse the music with adverts and messages. This offers an additional opportunity to reach your customers while they are in your site(s). We were originally formed as a music-and-advertising provider. ICEFM uses new technology to take this service forwards, offering flexibility and speeds that were previously impossible.
The adverts can be used to maximise the impact of your own advertising campaigns. They can also, however, be re-sold to relevant third parties to generate an additional revenue stream. The system can handle both audio and graphic/video adverts.
ICEFM has one overwhelming advantage as an advertising system. This is the speed and ease with which adverts arrive on your site(s). Once loaded onto your profile, they are automatically downloaded to your machine(s). No more messing around with CDs: trying to get them to site on time; finding out where they were put when they arrived; remembering to put them in the machine at the right time. The campaign can even be set up in advance. It will automatically start and stop on the correct days without you even thinking about it! Our system is completely flexible about how you create your advertising presence. Completed adverts can be emailed to us for instant upload to the server. If you have voice-files without music, we can add appropriate music as required. We can have a new advert recorded to your script. Even if you don't have a script at all, we can have one produced on your behalf.
Our advert-production services are outsourced to a number of specialist firms so that we can offer the widest possible variety of accents and voices. You can then choose the best one(s) for your purposes. We can also source celebrity voices if required.
Obviously the time-scales are different depending on the level of work required: • Send us a completed advert and it can be on our server in as little as 15 minutes • Adding music to an existing voice file takes about two hours • A new advert is normally produced in 2-5 days depending on complexity. If required, we can push for its completion inside a day!

Legal Compliance / Copyright

With the exception of Non-Copyright music, or NCM (commonly known as 'elevator music'), any playing of music in public requires a copyright license.
In the UK, there are two categories of license required. One (PRS) covers royalties due to composers and publishers. The other (PPL) covers royalties due to record companies (and through them, the artists).
If you are only playing 'cover-versions', only a PRS license is required. Otherwise, you require both licenses. If you have a PPL license, you will also need a PRS license. These licenses are required regardless of the equipment used to play the music. This includes CDs, TVs and radios.
Prices are calculated according to criteria set for your industry. Price-lists for each industry can be found on the PRS and PPL websites, along with other relevant information. Contact details for both organisations are also available on their websites. If you have any questions about getting a license for using music4Uonline, please get in touch.

Dubbing Licenses

The above licenses do not allow the copying of music. They also do not allow the creation of compilations. Both of these actions require a third category of license: the 'dubbing' license. This applies whether you are creating a duplicate CD or putting together a customised playlist on your PC. Carrying out such activities without a license will incur heavy penalties.
Like the site licenses, a dubbing license is required to cover both composers and labels. These licenses are issued at the discretion of the licensing bodies. They are generally only given to music providers, such as ourselves. We have dubbing licenses from both MCPS (linked to PRS) and PPL. These cover us for offering customised playlists on CD and hard disk. They also allow us to store music and playlists on our web server and deliver them via the Internet.
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